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Thread: 2.6.9 kernel released

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    2.6.9 kernel released

    This is from

    Linus has announced the availability of the 2.6.9 kernel. A very small number of fixes were added after the 2.6.9-final prepatch. For those just tuning in, 2.6.9 includes a lot of NTFS updates, block I/O barrier support, a patch allowing unprivileged process to lock small amounts of memory in RAM, a new USB storage driver, cluster-wide file locking infrastructure, completely out-of-line spinlocks, AMD dual-core support, support for the POSIX waitid() system call, KProbes, USB "on the go" support, the "flex mmap" user-space memory layout, m32r architecture support, a bunch of latency-reduction work, and lots of fixes.
    It might be worthwhile for people who have NTFS drives as well as dual boot setups to upgrade.

    I personally use CKO patched kernels. If you are interested, check out ...
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    2.6.9 kernel released

    this is good news.

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