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Free Ubuntu Linux CDs
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Thread: Free Ubuntu Linux CDs

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    Free Ubuntu Linux CDs

    Some might have heard of a new Debian based distro making the news. It seems to be becoming very popular, especially after a lot of high profile developers joined the team.

    Anyway, check this link out. They are giving out free copies of Ubuntu in x86, AMD64, and PPC platforms. Shipping is free, and you can order as many as you want (within reason). I suggest on person in Cebu get around 30-50 and people can come to you (For those who don't already know each other personally, you also get to personally know each other this way). At least the developers don't have to send to a thousand people in Cebu that are interested.

    The link is


    (I ordered 30. 15 x86, 5 PPC, 10 AMD64). An acquintance ordered 60CDs and he got them all, so this is pretty legit.
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    Free Ubuntu Linux CDs

    just ordered 10 pcs on each platform! maayo unta puro chicks ang moduol and grab some copies hehehehehe :P
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    Free Ubuntu Linux CDs

    me, too. i've ordered 30 CDs for x86, 15 for PPC, and 20 for AMD64 :-)

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    Free Ubuntu Linux CDs

    by d way, thanks for the link.. ive ordered 10 CDs for each platforms.... but still waitn for it, im excited to try it n see wat it looks like...

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    Free Ubuntu Linux CDs

    Ubuntu was featured on Distrowatch Weekly this week ...

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    Free Ubuntu Linux CDs

    daghan na gyud mga distro's karon sa?

    @vern: may i ask..there are so many linux distro's around nowadays...
    i was just woderin', in general, what is really the difference between those distro's or what set them apart from other linux distros?

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    Free Ubuntu Linux CDs

    @digitalsuperman ... a Linux system is composed of many different software made by many different developers. A distribution merely packages the software in a nice install. Some Linux distros have set themselves apart because of it's certain advantages, quirks, ets. The following URL will probably do a better job at explaining the major distros ...

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    Free Ubuntu Linux CDs

    are any of you guys already received some CDs? ... wala pa man ang ako.
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    Free Ubuntu Linux CDs

    Like this .. ?

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    Free Ubuntu Linux CDs

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :x :x :x :x suyaa oi! .... btw how do they get even with the expense in burning and shipping ... :?:
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