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Thread: Software Petition!

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    Software Petition!

    Just wanted to appeal for support for a petition drafted by Open
    Minds against the possible imposition of software patent laws in the
    Philippines. We have nothing against software copyrights, but patents
    are another (dangerous) thing altogether.

    We've got 134 "signatures" so far. Please help us push it to over 500!

    maybe we can help! need your opinions peeps
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    Software Petition!

    /me signs. I don't know how this matters in the real world though. Online petitions rarely have any effect if at all. A shame really.
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    Software Petition!

    at least we know that the man who started this online petition is Manuel "Manny" Amador. He is one of the people who were so against PLDT's metering scheme. I think he even got to be prez of that organization once. Anyway, they battled it out with PLDT and won and that's why PLDT can't do a by-minute-charge on local calls.

    i already signed BTW.

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