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Thread: Bayanihan Linux

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    Bayanihan Linux

    The Philippines' very own distro was featured in Distrowatch Weekly today. Check it out.
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    Bayanihan Linux

    Kewl.. Kudos to Bayanihan staff...

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    Bayanihan Linux

    ive read some of LUG here in pinas about the BL3 it is still some bugs especially after the installation... most often problem is ... it just wont boot ??????? .... kinopya na nga mali mali pa :P
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    Bayanihan Linux

    Props to the effort though. You can't really have anything against it ... after all it is free. I want to help out, I just don't know where to start.
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    Bayanihan Linux

    good idea vern.i think youll be a very valuable asset to Bayanihan linux with all yer knowledge in linux and unix.

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    Re: Bayanihan Linux

    sa DOST ASTI project man guro ang bayanihan
    try lang ko pangita sad ug contact heheheh


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