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Thread: errno variable problem

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    errno variable problem

    just lately ive been installing apps from source :wink: but then again Ive always encounter this problem ... unkown errno variable!

    and i found out that any source using " #include error.h" is always the victim, so what i did is I would explicitly include this "#include <errno.h> " on top of the error.h and things will work ok :idea:

    now my question is ... is there other ways to do this without the hassle of typing those keywords above :?:
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    errno variable problem

    Bad programming style I suppose
    If you are bored to do it everytime by hand, you could write a script that would do that for you.
    I would preffer python for that, but perl or a combo of grep/awk/sed would do the trick too.

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    Re: errno variable problem

    open your Makefile, edit your INCLUDE path (make sure they are pointing to the right directories of your distro), save, compile... hth

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