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Thread: Installing Linux on USB Hard Drive?

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    Installing Linux on USB Hard Drive?

    Was wondering if anyone has tried installing linux onto a external usb hard drive. Wanted to copy what mandrake has done with GlobeTrotter.

    Though my system can't boot off a usb device, I would like this Linux installation to boot off from a CD and then continue loading off from the external hard drive. Have googled for this but all the results were cryptic and require that I make a linux installation for the external hard drive from a pre-existing Linux machine. Now I don't have Linux on my internal hard drives since I don't have any space to spare.

    Does anyone have a hint as to how to do this?
    I was thinking of doing this by using a cd-based Linux distro but I want I want to know if there are any alternatives.

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    Installing Linux on USB Hard Drive?

    The only problem I can see from what you are trying to do is that the drivers for your USB storage need to be loaded off the CD. Live CDs do this. You just then mount it and start whatever type of installation.
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