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thanks for the shell vern, but i dont know what exactly your host. thanks once again.
You didn't read the rules concerning BNCs ... so your account has been deleted.

These are the rules exactly as you see by typing "rules" when you are logged in.

Server Rules

Practically everything is allowed on this server to foster learning and knowledge. There are however a few rules that are implemented:

1. Users are not allowed to run eggdrops, BNCs, psyBNCs, or anything IRC related. Bots will killed on sight and the user will be deleted. If running a proc
ess causes the system to become unstable, it will be

2. No hacking of remote servers is allowed. You can try and hack this server, but I'd appreciate knowing about anything you find.

3. Do not use this server as a download server. Anything that uses ridiculous amounts of bandwidth are prohibited.

4. Have fun and learn.