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Thread: Thanks Peter!

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    Thumbs up Thanks Peter!

    Hey Peter - thanks for all of the work you are doing here It is looking good. The new colors will help too!
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    You just have to be the nice one and take the initiative, eh?

    Seriously, Peter is doing a great job.

    Karma++ for both of you.
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    Thanks for the vote of confidence, but it really has been a group effort from everyone in the community. Your suggestions have helped a lot.

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    Yeah Peter, Thanks.

    I know we have been a pain in the arse for you but I hope you understand that a lot of it is just constructive critisium for better community. We appreciate that you take a lot of our suggestions and implement stuff that you deem possible.

    Again, thanks for all your hard work.
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    I need to voice my thanks as well. It seems the transition has been pulled off nicely. Most of the old members are still here in one piece.

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    I took a second between painting and installing crown molding to check in. I think the transition went pretty well and Peter is doing a great job. I see more life here than we had at the old LJR. Things are very hectic for me right now and will be for the next few months so I won't be around much.

    Keep up the great work!
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