I have switched my primary workstation operating system to CentOS. CentOS is a repackaged Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution essentially Red Hat minus the branding and cost. Since Red Hat Enterprise Linux is composed open source software, Red hat releases all source code for the product publicly under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The CentOS developers use that source code to built CentOS.

With the current release what you get is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.2. It works well and does what I want it to do. But the best thing of all about CentOS is that it has a long life cycle. This version will be supported to 2012. For a lot of Linux enthusiasts that may sound crazy, but to business and institutions, that is the main thing they want consistency and long term support. Im at that point now myself. I just want something that is 100% Open Source, that works and that lets me make money. CentOS seems to fit the bill.