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Thread: Welcome new members!

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    Hello Iḿ a newbie to LHN but have been using Linux for 2 years now . I Thank you for al the information on LHN, much appreciated

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    hi this is udhaya doing engineering final year
    i need to know about the linux based remote boot and administration service . Also where can i find the PPL (pre boot linux) or ipxe and WBM(wan boot manager). To do this network boot what are the system requirements i should have

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    I live in the Netherlands and my background is, I think, somewhat different from the rest of you. I am a lawyer. Nevertheless, I use Linux. From the day that I took a good look at the Knoppix-LiveCD I was hooked. Linux is pure quality. There is one thing that still baffles me and that is the linux firewall. The iptables are pure abracadabra to me. I can't make sense of it. I googled it and I came onto this website and found a good tutorial. This is just the website I need.

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    Please help me regarding configuring ip's in windows/linux by using ipv6(ip version 6) and also subnetting and also communication from ipv4 to ipv6

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    Hey Guys
    How You Doing ?
    I Fall In Love With Linux
    I Believe That If You Master It, Nothing Can Stops You From Doing What You Are Going To Do
    I Wish You All the Best
    Your Friend MOAAD ZRAIG from Libya

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    Ontario, Canada
    Welcome all!

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    I'm an EFL educator working with online teaching. I need to greatly expand my skills across the board. I hope to learn a lot here and, as all teachers, I hope to be able to contribute as well.

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    howdy all !!!

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    Smile Hello folks

    Hi friends,

    I'm new to this forum and am pleased to be a part of this community.

    Thanks for offering me this wonderful opportunity.

    Quote Originally Posted by peter View Post
    Thank you for stopping by! Say "Hello!", say a few words about yourself and let the OpenFree community give you big welcome to this great home!

    We have a large membership with many varied interests besides Linux. You'll be surprised how dynamic OpenFree really is!

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    Hi! I'm working for an enterprise developing products for mobile networks. I'm doing integration tests and I got stuck with a linux problem , for which I need help!!

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