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Thread: Welcome new members!

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    Cool Greetings to all from the Buckeye State

    Tripped upon this site from a link on tech republic. Interested in setting up a vpn at home to use while on the road using open WiFi. I have been using Linux, particularly Ubuntu for the last 5 years. I would consider myself a strong user but not an expert by any stretch. I have tinkered with the command line but am pretty spoiled by M$.

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    Simply install Kubuntu desktop. It will set to be the default. You will still have the gnome if you choose to give it s try later.

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    Sep 2011
    thanks admin for such agrate welcome

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    Ontario, Canada
    Not an admin but welcome fella!

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    A big welcome to all you new explorers into the amazing world of *nix ;-)
    Don't worry Ma'am. We're university students, - We know what We're doing.
    'Ruiat coelum, fiat voluntas tua.'
    Datalogi - en livsstil; Intet liv, ingen stil.

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    Dear All .

    can someone guide me how to go about sudo in linux rhel5 i want some user to allowing only for reseting passwd and some for specific command to run not as root.?????
    help me out.....
    thanks all

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    Hello LHN members...My name is Tony aka iampcman. I am newbie as you know...looking to give and get advise, suggestions, knowledge to and from all members.

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    Thumbs up Hi peter,

    Quote Originally Posted by peter View Post
    Thank you for stopping by! Say "Hello!", say a few words about yourself and let the OpenFree community give you big welcome to this great home!

    We have a large membership with many varied interests besides Linux. You'll be surprised how dynamic OpenFree really is!
    Thank you for your support.....

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    Cool Hello World!

    Hello All,

    I was surfing the web on work this morning looking for LAMP guides and found this great web site. Thank you!
    I enjoy computers and music mostly. I've used Windows for long time cause didnt know of anything else; I took a Linux class and was great experience. Very straight forward, edit files, apply, done. No more clicking. Vi rules!

    Looking to join a computer/linux user group in south england(specifically Canterbury, Whistable or Sandwich) but nothing so far. If anyone knows, or want to make one, please let me know.


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    Hi.. I am new here.

    I am working on a telecom support job, which requires a basic of Linux+perl+mysql+apache+networking.
    I know all these a little and want to improve the knowlage by sharing and asking...
    Linux content given on LHN attracted me to join the community... Hope its going to be a nice way ahead.

    Jogi George

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