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Thread: Welcome new members!

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    Hi, I'm Kernel_Killer, and I'm an alco..... whoops, wrong thread.

    Yeah, I've been using since the turn of the millennium, and have yet to quit. Around 2003 I turned to the darkside (lightside?), and switched to BSD. Other than that, I come in here maybe once a month or so, and bomb the boards with replies, and disappear into the night once again, not leaving a trace as to when I'll attack again. One of these days though, my efforts will prevail! So yeah, um... ok. Hi Schotty! Ralinx says his Macbook Pro owns your iMac.
    arrogance breeds ignorance

    Screaming Electron, Full of BSD Goodness

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    Hi to everyone!

    Hi I'm Elmer from the philippines and I love to learn more about open source program and I hope that this community will help me a lot.

    thanks to all genious!

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    this is shrikant n hope we can explore more by sharing our experiences

    success is not a destintion its a journey explore it

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    Wink Hello Hello Hello

    Actually I got here looking to see if there is a newer version of GNUParted. Somehow my device is larger than the volume - I'm clever at doing things like that.
    Hobbies are fooling around w/ computers in general and linux in particular. Running LEFT: XP, Suse 10.2, FC7. RIGHT: XP, Slack 11, FC6 & Ubuntu 7.04. Too lazy to be an expert and too stubborn to just give up. My motto at another forum was "If it ain't broke it's boring.", but I think that one came back and bit me.
    Let's see if I can find something useful here.

    Thanks for the welcome!!

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    Hello, I am pretty much a newbie to Linux (have been learning about it for 1 month now). I started learning it for a college degree, but have always wanted to. Browsing this forum has helped me before in some questions I have had. I hope to learn more and maybe eventually be able to help another.


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    Hi Everybody!
    I found this forum after using one of Peterís articles at Great job, Peter! Thank you!
    I am making screencasts for Networking, Windows, Linux (the Scalix mail server integration with Active directory is a popular one), Asterisk etc.
    I hope that OpenFree forum will help me in making more screencasts for Linux.



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    Cool Hi Folks, I am going to need a lot of help

    I am an old foggie... just opened my SS check. Use to run UNIX ages ago at a national lab, then on to Mac's and then to Windows. Never a techie, more a user. Been a user since Phillco made the largest cmputer in the world (1964). Retired now and want to get into Linux world for intellectual stimulation and because I am not fond of Microsoft and their business tactics. Would like some advice on books and versions of Linux to install. Also info on GUI.

    Glad to come aboard

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    Hi everyone

    How to play mp3 songs in linux redhat 9

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    Feel free to post the question in the respected forum, and we'll be happy to answer your question.
    arrogance breeds ignorance

    Screaming Electron, Full of BSD Goodness

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    NorthWest Arknasas


    I just wanted to say Hey and I hope that I can help someone on this forum.
    I've been working with LINUX since late 1995 after taking a job at a Educational Co-Op. I have always loved the challenge and the community help and would like to try to give back.

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