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Thread: Welcome new members!

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    Thumbs up Hi

    Myself iam abraham varghese,doing 1st year electronics engineering(b tech)at NIT(National Institute of technology) calicut,kerala,india.I was not well aware of computer field until i joined my institute.When i started learning c++ ,my keen interest in computers grew.Iam now learning system security(esp linux)and networking protocol(tcp/ip).I would do my best in sharing with u frendz what i learn and observe.

    shush... work till my second visit.unity is strength.

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    Hi everybody, I find this to be a great place to gain knowledge about Linux. I have just joined my first job. It is related to networking. So i look forward to get some help from this place time to time.

    Thank you

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    Thanks opticsabru & explorer , we're glad you joined!

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    Thumbs up hi and thanks

    after the 4th purchase of the QfixNbook (3 gifts to friends) and landing a dream gig from the skills I gained from it, I'd like to again thank Peter for his labor of love!
    It's been 9 fantastic months at the new gig serving as the solo "unix" sysadmin and every would be catastrophe that came up was remedied by a topic covered in the book, ie: failures of the, ldap, nfs/automount, iptables, samba, tcpdump, etc ,etc...

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    Smile HI to everybody!

    I'm from the wild north with bears and wolfes around - that is Finland. Well as living far from just about everybody it's nice to join a forum where I can discuss about the new interests I have - Linux/Apache/MySQL and PHP programming.
    So I'm looking forward at having a nice time together with you folks. You may laugh at my stupid questions that I may have. But I hope I can someday be to some help to others also. - So I go into the number 1 stupid question: What is LINUX? Is it "Life In New Utopia after X os (win)? Well I will look into the faqs before my number 2 question.

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    Hey OpenMinded! Are you a friend of andycrofts? He's from Finland too and joined only a few days ago.

    Thanks daturan. The forums are made up of the contributions of many great members. Stick around, ask questions and become one of the gang! Where are you located?

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    Hi All

    Hi all
    Hope to find the answers to my installation questions here. I'm a Wasterwater Operator by profession with an interest in many aspects of computers, including how to make them work better and easier.

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    hai, i'm gautham. i'm an engg. student. i have just got this site from my friend and i have some doubts about linux that's why i'm here............

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    Good to see you! Welcome.

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