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Thread: Welcome new members!

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    Another new member...


    I'm also new to this forum. I have been using Linux for some time, and I still enjoy the knowledge available here (usually most when I try something new...)

    Greetings :-)

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    Welcome aboard. Nice to have people who had been a round on Linux. . Please, make yourself at home.
    LinuxVillage - The truely community run Linux/Floss forum !

    No IT BS !!

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    Smile welcome

    I'm really happy to be in the open source world
    my age in this world is 4 years

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    Hi I am studying software engineering at university. I have been using windows for a long time but I am moving to linux.
    I like programming very much.I program for MS Windows in VC++,C# and Java.
    This will be over soon, and then I can ...

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    Hi, I`m a fresh computer graduate, very much interested in getting as much knowledge as i can about this wonderful operating system Linux.

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    Hi there Im Larry from MSForums...I felt guilty starting a new thread just to say hello so I revived this one... but anyway howdy all and just want to tell you that I'm not that good with PC and don't know donkey's dung about Linux but will try to learn and who knows maybe convert one day . I feel honoured (Canadian and Brit spelling vs. "honored" American.) to be part of your community...Kinda feels like Germany did when the wall came down. You know the 2 halves joining together...I am a big fan of Word Association, so see you there...

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    Welcome Larry!

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    hello forum

    i am manoj. i am new to linux and i wish advice suggestions from linux gurus in the forum so that i can oneday able to suggest somebody.

    Happy Christmas

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    Manoj, thanks for joining!

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    Welcome everybody...
    Microsoft aims to 'borg' Yahoo in $44.6 Billion deal
    "We are Microsoft. Resistance is futile"

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