VPN or Virtual Private Network is becoming the top choice of network that provides better connectivity while confirming complete privacy from the disclosure of confidential data. The private network uses the internet to connect different users located in various locations. The wide application of the VPN in corporate communication is owing to its utility in secure exchange of private data. Large organisations use VPN to connect to its various offices located in different locations. Employees can easily access the files, applications and other resources in the office network without any intervention in the privacy. Many organisations and companies are confirmed on the wide utility of the VPN service. Moreover, it is apt in rendering private networks such as the internal network of any company. It can easily connect the different branches of an office using a cohesive network; moreover it connects the employees to the main office while they are travelling. VPN is extensively used in education institutions to connect the various campuses of these institutions located in different places. VPN service uses the process of encryption to provide secure access to confidential data. The data is encrypted on sending and decrypted only while receiving using authenticated passwords. This enables the confidential exchange of voice, video and data using the VPN. VPN is also very useful in connecting multiple sites over a distance similar to WAN or Wide Area Network. The various uses and application of VPN besides its large scope in connectivity is leading it to become the favourite network for many.