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Thread: Welcome new members!

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    Im a newbie thanks for your welcome

    I like windows but I m willing to learn about linux
    Again thanks NERDMAN

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    Quote Originally Posted by gauthamamal View Post
    hai, i'm gautham. i'm an engg. student. i have just got this site from my friend and i have some doubts about linux that's why i'm here............
    What distro? I am up on Ubuntu, Fedora (duh, look at my avatar ) and Linspire/Freespire. I would highly reccomend all of those at the moment.

    Anyway, welcome aboard. We have some long timers here that can definitely help immensely.

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    Hi all

    I have signed up long ago, but yet to start participating in the community. I have been trying various linux distros for many years and last found Mandrake linux, apt for me. I am from Kerala, the southern state of India. Now it is indeed a happy time for us that in the new IT policy, the state Govt. is all set to adopt an open source software policy and determined to encourage open source applications wherever possible. Dont know how long and to what extent it will go. Lets wait and see.
    Happy FSing.

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    ugopakumar, thanks for stopping by! About a quarter of our members are from India, so you are in good company.

    Do you have any good URLs to share the Kerala Linux initiatives with the community? I'm sure many would be interested to see what's happening in other parts of the world with Open Source.

    Is Kerala going to use the OLPC laptop too?

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    hi dear friends,
    I am very new this forum. I hope I will be able to contribute to this forum.

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    I am a complete novice & so i will be trying understand the various options


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    Unhappy message from a new member asking a question

    hi i m a new member of this site i have registered as my username=zuber agwan

    i want to ask u that how can i participate in the disscutions or how can i use this site pls send me a note

    i m a newbie

    zuber agwan

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    Hello All

    My name is Richard, I live in Oklahoma, USA. I have been a Linux user for about 3 years and a Sabayon user for about a year and a half. I also am a home brewer both beer and wine. My politics are liberal and I work as a computer technician for a public library system.
    I am a friendly sort so feel free to say hi if you want!

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    Welcome rad59, zuber agwan, one2love, lalit333!

    rad59, if you like beer, you should check out this interesting Linux beer thread. What types or beer and wine do you prefer?

    Remember to visit our Guide for New Members to help make your first visits even better!
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    Talking hi everyone

    Dear All:
    I've just signed up to this website. I don't know a lot about this website, but I love this website. It can help many people who want to know more about IT. Sometimes, it can resolve the problems for them too. I haven't forgetten to introduce myself to all of you. My name is vuth. I graduated university in the field of computer sicence in 2006. I hope that I can learn more from everyone. Anyway, I also want to share my knoweldge to anyone who want to learn from me. Please feel free to ask and contact with me. I hope that everyone will enjoy with this website. The last, by no mean least, I am available for every beautify lady. Just kidding. Not much about saying, I just want to say hello and happy to meet all of you.

    Best regards;
    From vuth

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