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Thread: Welcome new members!

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    Hey all,
    my story is very similar to ^'s. I was googling for documentation and ended up in here. The quality of the docs quickly got my attention. This is exactly what I was looking for, good documentation for intermediate users. There's quite a lot of docs for both beginners and experts otherwise.

    I signed up for the forums, not because I have a particular learning goal, but rather because other communities out there, simply put, don't cut it, because of the reason I stated above.

    I also check the book and I want to buy it. I believe it's still useful even though it's 6 years old, nut before I order it, is there any plans for a new edition?

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    Good day all, actually am kind of new just started using linux. Ready to learn more from you guys

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    Hi All,

    I'm newer to this forum, I have only little bit knowledge in Linux. But I'm here to improve my knowledge,
    I need your helps.

    E-mail :-

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    Hi New to the forum, new to linux! Need to set up a router and while looking for documentation I found this forum - trememdous!

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    hello friends,
    i'm working as linux server administrator, last week i joined in this company , but i don't know much about linux .please suggest me some sites or links to study linux ASAP......

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    Dec 2011
    Saying hi, I am a Linux Sys Admin in Arkansas.

    Most of my experience is in Red Hat Linux.

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    study material

    will u plz send the link of any linux sites starting from the basic commands and which must consists of all the configuartions ....


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    Hi All,

    New to the Site and being working with Linux on & off for a few years now. But I will now be devoting more of my time to Linux.
    As a start, does anyone have a full documentation to all SNMP configfuration or where I can get details on how to configure SNMP. Need to learn how to configure SNMP and how to use the MIB's.


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    Hello to everyone

    I stumbled across this cool site and decided to join it. I have worked with Linux for a few years now but up until recently decided to improve my Linux skill set. Looking forward to being a part of the community.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Recently i has to registered here.

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