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Thread: Welcome new members!

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    Hi all, i'm new to this forum and i'm new to linux, i downloaded an Ubuntu 10.10 version, and i'll install it. Seen many ppl using ubuntu instead of windows for many reasons ... i'll try it :d

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    hi and welcome. a little tip i got from an old member. it's not something generally available (as far as i can see), but it'll save you a lot of bother: it's the forum search function and you can seemingly only get to it by going here: in other words, use this before you post any seemingly dumb questions. enjoy. ')

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    hello! I'm using linux but not as often as windows.. I think i need to practice and be more focus in linux coz im loving the job of a linux administrator. That's why i'm excited to join this forum coz I know it will help me a lot. GOD Bless everyone! :-)

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    I am nguyenhuuduc
    I come from VietNam and my major is IT Networking
    hope to make friend with everybody
    thanks and guck luck to everyone

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    hello every one

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    Talking Linux Baby in the house

    Completely new to the world of linux, forums etc but i draw, paint and love to do anything that has to do with art. I have come to grow fond of the computer has a system and after going for a hardware and networking course, i discovered i think i love linux and it's features.
    Now necessity more than the love for linux has driven me to this point. Necessity for technology and job(no work no pay). As little as i kno, i want to know linux and master as much as i can within the shortest time frame.
    Saw some other forums but this one is one happy family. I love happy families.
    please treat me kindly for i am but a babe. Though i know that one day i'll get to where u are now. One day soon. I like talkin rite? that's just me for u.
    Oh! this is my desire - to bcome a netwk guru using linux(i also love security).
    Get to kno this baby and u'll love him. bye for now.

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    hello evrybody !!!!!!!!
    i like working with linux os but i am BEGINNER .ineed to know how can i start with linu?

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    Apr 2011
    I have landed here in search of some one who can tell me how can I install my onw webserver using RHEL5, my site support engineers refusused to explain me so now I want to learn how can I make a webserver for my local INTRANET. can somewone help me in this regard

    I have completed the following steps

    1. fresh installation of RHEL 5 on one computer

    2. Installed Apache web server

    now what is next step
    please do me help

    sp verma

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    Who can help me step by step to configure DNS server with named in fedora please?

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    Im new here I guess? So heres my bit. I used to post a fair bit at GLO.

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