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Thread: Welcome new members!

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    Hi all ,
    I am Mahyar Pasarzangene
    I am Computer Software Engineer Student in Iran - Kermanshah Razi University
    I had a little experience in linux red had in OS course in my university but it was n't enough for learn pros and cons
    I decided to learn more about linux and ... .
    so I am here among you , Good people .

    thank you for your help in advance .

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    Welcome everyone to OpenFree!

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    Ontario, Canada
    Hi !

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    Hi folks

    Good night to all!!!
    I'm going to introduce myself...I'm Carmelo and I've an old and buried passion for linux.
    I study Cinema and the video editing have forced me to work with Wxxxxxx until now.
    I'm happy to join to the linux community and i hope to be an active member of it.

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    How to take backup in OpenSuse 10.2


    I have installed OpenSuse 10.2 as dual boot system (MS-Win XP). I would like to take a back-up from the computer and would like to restore the same into another computer which has OpenSuse 10.3.

    Can please anyone help me how to do the process step by step.

    Thanks in advance.

    Dilip Kumar M.R.

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    Hai to all. I am Bindu, new member of this site. I am from kerala, popularly known as God's own country. I am very happy to visit this site. Come on and enjoy by visiting this site.

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    This site has helped me a lot. You will never stop reading when you see the great topics.
    I am a new linux user but I will offer everything I know to help this community.

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    Reg: DHCP DNS

    Quote Originally Posted by peter View Post
    Welcome everyone to OpenFree!

    I am little bit confused over DHCP and DNS

    Whenever I am configuring the DHCP and DNS, after restarting the system hosname and domain name going to default. can somebody help me to how to ressolve this..Please...

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    Hello to all!!!
    Im new to linux but Ive never been this excited compare to learning microsoft systems and cisco. Ive cover various administration to microsoft already as well as provide support to cisco users. My interest to Asterisk VoIP over linux has lead me to study linux and this site has helped me a lot in improving my knowledge. Thank you very much for putting this site, to all contributors.. keep it up and more power!!!

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    Ontario, Canada
    Hi !

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