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Thread: Welcome new members!

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    Welcome cateblack.
    A good distro for beginners is Linux Mint as it has Envy which runs from the GUI and requires two clicks to install either ATI or Nvidia graphics drivers.
    It includes all codecs for sound, DVD etc.

    It can be downloaded from here and can be run as a live CD, so you can try it out before you install it.
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    Linux Rocks

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    New member, have been looking around the internet for a while and landed with Simply Mepis. Removed Windows XP and installed Mepis. Best move I ever made in my computing life. (goes back to DOS 2.11, dual floppy machines!!) Will continue to search the site.

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    From Dilip

    Hi I am working in a Health Care BPO in India.

    I have installed Windows XP at my home PC. I also installed the OpenSuSe10.2. But I want to add one more linux like Ubuntu. Out of 20GB HDD, Windows has already occupied 6GB. When I installed the Suse and it occupied the remaining 12GB. But I want to know, how to install one more OS (Ubuntu 6) without affecting the already existing OSs.

    I don't know how to partition my HDD according to above specification. Could someone help me, please.


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    Smile Hi Folks

    Thanks for being a group

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    Good Afternoon sir

    I am a faculty in Linux in Jetking Infotrain LTD Hope you all member are help me out regarding my problem in linux.

    Bye Bye.
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    Good Afternoon Sir

    I am a faculty in Linux in Jetking Infotrain LTD. Hope you all member are help me out regarding my problem in linux.

    Bye Bye

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    Hello all...Good morning everybody!

    I am a newbie to Linux forums. I am glad to join here...hope this will help me out in sorting out my problems /questions on Linux; I am sure I will not only post questions but also try to answer some. I am a windows user too.

    At last I work as a SQA for a software firm.


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    Dilip, you have XP and SuSE occupied 6 + 12 GB on your system and still you have 2GB free which is enough for a Ubuntu install.
    On your XP go to 'RUN' type diskmgmt.msc and have your free 2GB as a unallocated partition (i.e not a NTFS or windows partition) and now boot the system with ubuntu CD.


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    Just saying heyy!

    Def new to this forum. Def not new to Linux or UNIX! Glad to be in the company of kindred souls!

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    Welcome to the group!

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