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Thread: inet vs inetv6

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    inet vs inetv6

    Greetings.. I am new to this forum and to Linux. Well, the deep end of linux.
    I am running SUSE 10.0 and I have two NICs in the machine. I would love to use the RealTek 10/100/1000 with my Gig hub, but I only have ipv6 tied to that card. How do I get ipv4 tied to that card?

    Ipv4 and 6 are tied to the slower card which is how I am typing this up..

    While I am at it, how do I un-bind ipv6 from those cards too?

    Thanks in advanced!


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    not sure about suse, on fedora it is handled in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ - one sure way to do it is to remove the ipv6 modules from /lib/modules/<kernelver>/kernel/net/ipv/ - though that is not graceful at all...
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    SuSE uses different place to setup interfaces (AFAIK, boy!! don't I wish they all agree to put this kind of stuff in one place).

    Check this one out. This will show you where and how to put in ipv6 addresses for specific interface.

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    This thread shows how to disable ipv6. Not sure how to tell it to use ipv4., though. Perhaps it will after you remove 6?
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