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    Lightbulb Avatars

    Hello everyone,

    I've managed to find the avatar features I was looking for, so I'll introduce them on a trial basis and see how it works out.

    60x60 pixel avatars with a size of up to 4KB will be allowed for all full members (100 posts or more). Limit of one avatar per member. The system checks your eligibility every hour, so it should be fully available soon.

    Please let me know how it works out for you.
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    But when I go to "Edit Avatars" area in Profiles settings, it shows "no avatar" and "Specified" and I can't seem to de-select use no avatars radio button. Do I have to make that 100 posts on this site or is it with total postcount (including those transferred from LJR)?

    Thanks for adding great features. Now most LJR (and other) members should be feel really homey.

    [Edited] Okay, I see your edited post now. Let's wait and see.[/Edited]
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    Thanks Peter!
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    Yeah, that's the stuff.


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    Very nice, starting to feel more like home now..
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    Thanks, Peter.

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