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Thread: PET updates and migration status

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    My PETs are all relevant. You can use them. Also please make a games pet category, that would be erally appreciated.
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    • Regarding topics that should be dropped. Please update the thread with your candidates and then I'll set up a poll sub-forum for us to vote on them.
    • I've updated the PET Wiki page with authors who have said OK. Please go ahead and start.
    • I will create a sample formatting page on the Wiki home page from which you can take your queues.
    • A Games category has been created
    Last edited by peter; 02-09-2006 at 03:56 PM.

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    You don't have to resurrect it. I have all the tutorials I wrote on my site also, I can just copy them over to the wiki when I have a chance.
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    Since Katrina I have been somewhat net-challenged... (I was living in Slidell, LA when the storm hit). I'm replying from work (and glad my employer is being "liberal" in our usage of the internet on company time lately...)

    I think, maybe, the Fedora-specific stuff I did is somewhat dated now? If it is deemed still useful, or if someone wishes to update it and include it in the wiki, by all means, please do. My only desire in writing was to try to help out and give something back to a community that has helped me innumerable times.

    It's possible that the PET I submitted on Cheap Subwoofers could be combined with the other related audio PETs. Again, do what you feel is right.
    Some of that stuff is really close to another PET, on reflection...

    Meanwhile, I've lately migrated to OpenSuSE 10 on my new laptop. Man, what a system! Novell got it right, I do believe. I've even managed to compile Audacity and a few of my other favorite audio/recording tools without too much trouble. (Now THAT might make a worthwhile PET, no?)

    As soon as I am able to get back to a more normal net-life, I will get back to a better level of participation in the fora. Glad to see we have a new home! Looks like a cool place.

    Later ON,
    Addiction to the truth can be painful.

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    OK. I have created an explanatory page. Feel free to begin.

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    Apr 2004
    I did Ralinx's "Using the side buttons of your mouse" tutorial. You can compare them and see what I did.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Anyone have Wiki experience out there?

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    I don't mind if some of mine get obsleted (sp?) or some one else edits them.
    telnet 1701

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    LC's ATA 100 is done, please check over

    My Netcat is done, please check over

    Coltrane's ISO burning is now done, please look over

    Coltrane's Samba Guide is done...

    Coltrane's Madwifi

    Stallman's(LC?) Faster Moz Rendering

    LC's GCC Compile Flag Fun

    LC's Getting up to speed KDE

    __________________________________________________ _

    Coltrane's Directory Navigation

    My Getting your hardware modem to work
    Can be thrown out

    AljoshaNL's Artec AS6E Scanner

    LC's Sub-pixel sampling

    Trickster's Installing and Playing DVDs

    Trickster's Splash Screen for GRUB

    My Unix Style Mail
    Can be tossed

    LC's C++ Journal - Part 1

    My List of Ugly Hacks in shell
    Ugly indeed - chucked it

    __________________________________________________ ________

    elovkoff's YUM multi Repo Setup

    boblucci's Dual booting Win2K and Linux

    elovkoff's Secure NTP

    pbharris' Cron Scheduling

    pbharris's Grub bootloader

    pbharris's RPM Cheatsheet


    pbharris's Preparing hard drive

    pbharris's IDE CD Writer


    pbharris's Applications Deemed Cool

    pbharris's How do I use WineX?

    pbharris's Keeping in Time Sync

    pbharris's Disabling CAPS lock

    pbharris's FVWM one Awesome Window Manager

    Compunuts GTelnet

    Compunuts's Shockwave Plug in

    Pleiades's What to do if you're screwed

    Compunuts's Installing Opera 5

    pbharris's Mounting Windows Partitions

    pbharris's Understanding Permissions

    pbharris's dpkg & apt-get cheat sheet

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    shebang's Installing Postfix From Source

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    LC's LFS Software Management

    LC's AMD Lockup fix

    LC's Tweak NVIDIA

    LC's Native Unreal

    pbharris's Compiling the 2.6 Kernel


    Ralinx's Compiling optimized KDE 3.0

    Ralinx's Compiling moz and making a package

    Rastar's Linksys router Apache

    cga's IceWM

    Ashcrow's SuSE install CD

    Ashcrow's GCC stack protect

    Ashcrow's Nessus

    Ashcrow's Audiophile system

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    The Netherlands
    I Copy&Pasted my PlaneShift PET, it's still relevant (I'm playing the game myself and there were no updates). Can it be moved to the new "games" category?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Outlaw
    1) Outdated, I think
    2) Blantantly wrong and hidiously dangerous (I will rewrite this wil saner specs and a bit of asm to review changes)
    3) Outdated by a margin of about 3 years

    I would delete them all and tell me to write new ones.
    Why are you not using Fedora Core?

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