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Thread: PET updates and migration status

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    Lightbulb PET updates and migration status

    I will be contacting the following Plain English Tutorials (PET) contributors today via email asking their permission to migrate the content to the Wiki.

    Please follow this thread to keep track of who says OK.

    Some of the contact email addresses are not in the old LinuxJunior database, and they are listed below. If you know of any means of contacting these people, please let this thread know.

    Special thanks to all those who have volunteered (and the future volunteers) to do the cutting and pasting and updating when necessary.

    Old PETs:

    In all cases, please attribute the original document to the creator.

    Username         Contact  Info
    ========         =============
    AljoshaNL        OK
    Ashcrow          OK
    boblucci         OK
    cameron          OK
    cassius          Unknown
    cga              OK
    cheeves          OK
    civ1492          OK
    coltrane         OK
    Compunuts        OK
    CP               OK
    crazyox          OK
    creedon          OK
    demian           OK
    elovkoff         OK
    gorn             OK
    Guitarlynn       OK
    horus            OK
    huntz            OK
    jcrowe           OK
    Jeepsta          OK
    Kernel_Killer    OK
    KumaSan          OK
    Lovechild        OK
    mountainman      OK
    noblestknight    OK
    pam              OK
    pbharris         OK
    ph34r            OK
    Pleiades         OK
    popcorn          OK
    Radar/Outlaw     OK
    Ralinx           Unknown
    Rastar           OK
    S_D_Willie       OK
    Schotty          OK
    shebang          OK
    socomm           Unknown
    Stallman         Unknown
    stryder144       OK
    TeRG             Unknown
    tricksterisweak  OK
    Tyr_7BE             OK

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    I don't think Ralinx is around but he does come once in a blue moon. Lovechild might know where he is though.
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    FYI, I have been in contact with some of the PET authors in the past, but the emails I sent were part of a form letter format. Please don't take offence to that, I was just in automatic mode.

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    I don't think any of my PETs are still relevant, if OpenFree wants them however, be my guest.

    I'm also Stallman btw.

    oh and should work.
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    i need to finish that mysql have my green light to do what you must
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    I will update my pets, but as Lovechild said, they might not be relevant anymore.
    Perhaps we should make a list and decide qhich ones should stay and which ones should be retired.
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    My IceWM PET is a tad outdated, but I would be happy to do a reworking of it and move it to OpenFree.

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    Peter, were you going to be migrating any of the articles from LinuxFoo to OpenFree? I wrote a couple of the tutorials there.
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    LinuxFoo was hacked a couple days after the migration and I couldn't get the PHP/Mambo combo to work correctly after many attempts to do an upgrade.

    I'll resurrect LinuxFoo in the vulnerable state, but you'll have to go to an IP address. I'll keep it up for a couple days and then shut it down again, to reduce the re-hack risk. During that time, please copy the ones you feel are relevant.

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