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Thread: Boot hangs at PCMCIA detection

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    Boot hangs at PCMCIA detection

    Here's hoping someone is around to perhaps help me out...

    I have installed Slack 10 on my laptop, an eMachines M6809.

    Upon pcmcia probe, the boot process entirely stops. My problem may be similar to this one, but I've tried disabling the port range specified in that thread to no avail.

    I would greatly appreciate any information that could be of assistance.

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    first start your slackbox with nopcmcia and then edit (correct) /etc/pcmcia/*

    i had a similar problem with my laptop (Toshiba), i don't remeber the exact changes on the main config file, but the problems was on the memory allocation sets and on the drivers.

    sorry for my BadEnglish


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    Use the Slackware cd to boot into tun level 1, mount the partition and make /etc/rc.d/rc.pcmscia non-executable.
    Let me know if you need detailed information.
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