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Thread: Installing Win supported softwares under Linux?

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    Installing Win supported softwares under Linux?

    Hi all,

    i have heard that there is a utility that when installed lets you install applications meant to be run under Windows to be installed on Linux as well!
    Does anybody have clue to it ???

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    Shahan Ur Rehman
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    Re: Installing Win supported softwares under Linux?

    The project is WINE.

    Note that this software is not guaranteed to run everything that can run under Windows. It works for many things, but it may or may not work for whatever you have in mind. If you try this and something doesn't work right, there may be an open source alternative available. Just ask here and someone will give you a recommended alternative if you need it.

    Internet Explorer can be replaced by Mozilla, Konquerer, etc..
    Microsoft Office can be replaced by (for most things)

    Good luck

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