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Thread: X lib

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    X lib

    HI I installed the free Suse 9.2 Linux to develop a C++ simulator with
    Omnet++. Omnet needs the Xlib.h library to work and this file is not
    present in the system. Gtk TclTk and C stdlib are all installed!
    I was told to install the *-devel RPM' packets...where can I find them?
    Anybody can help me?


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    Re: X lib

    As root, execute:
    locate Xlib.h
    You should see something similiar to this:
    If so, you have it, and you will have to tell us more about what is actually happening.

    For devel packages, just look on your SuSE CDs. They should have everything you need, it will just take some looking around.

    Also, this page might be useful:



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