First of all, I would like to thank Skeet for sitting down and showing me the ins and outs of mtp-target hosting. If you have not played mtp-target before, well, visit for more info and downloads.

Simply put, mtp-target is a fun little game where you pilot your "pingoo" through the air and onto a variety of targets, something very similiar to ski-ball, except that other players can knock you off the target, which makes it a bit like bocce ball.

Part of the fun is that this game is a multiplayer game, and can be played against bots or humans, in local games or over the internet. I found that sometimes the two servers that are always available over the internet produced too much lag for me. Too much lag in this game is when you start getting pings over 200. Your Pingoo starts acting a bit irradically, and if you are serious about the game, it will get you pretty steamed.

So the panacea to this is to host your own game and invite others to play. I was able to play a few games with SkyNet by directly connecting to him, but I saw no way to open a server to the public.

And now, how to create a public server. First of all, I host this game from an xbox, so the specification of your equipment do not need to be very high (700MHz Celeron, 64 MB ram).

This HOWTO is generally platform independent.

Start by getting the mtp-target tarball(or .exe I guess > ) at:

Enter into the mtp-target folder, to the mtp-target/server directory.

live@xebian:~/mtp-target/server$ ls
MTS_0.log        mtp_target_service.log
clients_count.stat log.log         mtp_target_service_default.cfg
connection.stat   mtp_target_service   replay
data        mtp_target_service.cfg
Add a file named 'mtp_target_service.cfg' in this directory and add the following lines:

RootConfigFilename  = "mtp_target_service_default.cfg";
ListenAddr         = "<INSERT YOUR IP HERE>";
ShardId           = 201;
This file overrides mtp_target_service_default.cfg and also holds player stats for people who have played. You will need to change the number for ShardId to something unique. Mine happens to be 201, so if you were to try to start your server with yours at 201, you would receive a message from the master server about a bad ShardId.

By default, port 51574/TCP is the port the server listens to, so make sure to have that open.

This alone will allow you to get a server started.

There are a variety of other things that you can edit in mtp_target_service_default.cfg that will help you to make your server unique, such as the welcome message, # of players, and levels played. Everything is well commented.

You that you have your server going, you go online, log in to mtp-target, and you see....Gah! Just an ugly IP address representing your server! If you have a static IP, you can find Skeet one way or another and ask him to name your server. If you do not have a static IP, DO NOT BOTH HIM ABOUT THIS. Once you IP changes, the name will be lost, and you will have wasted his time. This brings up another good point. If your IP does change, be sure to go back and edit your 'mtp_target_service.cfg' appropriately, otherwise, you will be very lonely .

That wraps it up, Have fun!