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Thread: minimising windows

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    minimising windows

    SuSE 9.2 Pro.
    When I click the dash to minimise the current window it appears to close the program down instead of putting an entry in the taskbar which means I have to restart the program again and i have lost all the work.
    How can I get it to minimise to the taskbar again.

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    Re: minimising windows

    heh, that is a bit rotten :P

    What window manager are you using?

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    Re: minimising windows

    KDE 3.3

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    Re: minimising windows

    Any specific program, or all of them?
    You might find that you just don't have pager on the panel, so it doesn't show.
    Is it in alt-tab?
    whjat if you run 'ps x' in a terminal - does it show the program still running?

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    Re: minimising windows

    All programs.
    I just minimised one program to the taskbar and ran the ps x command and it was listed, does this mean it is still running?.

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    Re: minimising windows

    Yep, it's still running.
    You could try alt-tab to cycle through the apps, see if they are there.
    If that's the case, you probably want to add the window list applet back to the panel. I'm sure a kde user can tell you how to do that, Babbing?

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    Re: minimising windows

    You could right click on the kicker and navagate as follows: add->Special Button-> Window list

    You will be given a button to click on that will allow you to pick from any application started in that KDE session.


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    Re: minimising windows

    Thanks babbing that did the trick. ;D

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