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Thread: About File Protection

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    About File Protection

    Hi all,

    I have difficulty in Real-time File Protection under Linux.

    I consult some documents aout "FAM" and "inotify", which are used for Watching File Changing.But they can only get File Changing Event in a directory, can not get it in the subdirectory--I mean I have to monitor each subdirectory myself, and stop monitoring them if they have been deleted.

    Um,I save all directories in a "tree" Data Structure, e.g. if a dirctory P that has subdirectories C1,C2 has been deleted, I stop monitoring P, C1 and C2, then if they three have been restored successfully, I start monitoring them again.

    The problem is that it's not stable if files change continually, I don't know how to solve it.

    Will you please make a suggestion for me?

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    Re: About File Protection

    Hello iclinux,

    I have not used FAM to the extent you wish to use it, but I see the issue you are having. What do you mean by when you say that it is not stable? Do you mean that it crashes, or that it just doesn't begin monitoring C1 and C2 after they have been recreated?

    Maybe this will help?

    Last thing, in the future, please do not make multiple posts around the forums, your message will not be missed.


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    Re: About File Protection

    hello babbing,

    Thanks for your help.

    It doesn't crash, and it begins monitoring C1 and C2 after they have been recreated. It does work if file changing is not frequent, but unluckily, it may fail if create and/or remove directories
    frequently, I think it may be related to stopping and starting monitoring directories continually.

    I'm puzzled.

    Ok, I won't make multiple posts around the forums again

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