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Thread: Firefox Issue

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    Firefox Issue

    For some reason while at work, I'm having a hard time accessing on Windows 2000 & Firefox 1.0pr version. It takes a very long time to bring the page up. Most other pages I visit works without problems.

    It works fine with IE and at home on my Debian box, I have no problem using Firefox and

    Has anybody else noticed this?


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    Re:Firefox Issue

    I tested it with the same exact setup and had no problems.

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    Re:Firefox Issue

    Same here.

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    Re:Firefox Issue

    I still have the same problem at work. I installed version 1.0 also.

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    Re:Firefox Issue

    Has anybody experienced this type of problem:

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US;
    rv:1.7.5) Gecko/20041107 Firefox/1.0

    microsoft windows 5.1
    microsoft windows xp professional 2002

    I was using firefox then all the sudden I couldnt get
    into my bank account to check the balance. I cant get
    into any screen to pay for an item on line. Some
    sites will not come up at all.

    I don't have it but someone I know does. I think maybe spyware and/or virus.

    She also said she can't seem to reinstall Firefox and having similar issues with IE and secure sites.

    Any ideas? Thnx.

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    Re:Firefox Issue

    Did she try clearing her cache, temporary internet files, and cookies?

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    Re:Firefox Issue

    Using one of Microsoft's Operating System? Ad-Aware is your friend.

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    Re:Firefox Issue

    Might I suggest that the latest anti-virus definitions be downloaded and an exhaustive scanning be conducted. There might be something there that isn't overly malicious, yet. Cassius is also right in suggesting adaware.


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    Re:Firefox Issue

    Thnx. for the suggestions....most are my thoughts also and I will tell her to try them.

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    Re:Firefox Issue

    [quote author=cassius link=board=25;threadid=9955;start=0#msg91352 date=1103652510]
    Using one of Microsoft's Operating System? Ad-Aware is your friend.
    Spy-Bot Search & Destroy is also a great friend to have in that situation.

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