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Thread: Parental Guides

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    Parental Guides

    How is this done in Linux?...

    *Allow a user to be logged in during certain hours.

    *Limit certain web sites, or a set of sites that aren't appropriate for a given age group.

    *We know that logs are everywhere in Linux... How does one manage logs to monitor the above mentioned activities?

    I'd like to setup an account for my step-daughter, but not without taking care of these issues first. Would a search at Fresh Meat or some other Linux software sites be worth the effort, or should I just look into writing my own scripts to handle these tasks? I'm writing this to ask amongst friends (some of you are parents also), but I will do some Googling as well.

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    Ahh good olle parental setting.
    I found this.

    Allows time restrictions to be applied to services and user ...
    the account has expired or the user is not allowed to log in at this time of day

    DansGuardian 2 web content filtering
    DansGuardian is an award winning Open Source web content filter

    You can also configure firefox and thunderbird to use a proxy server that filters content for kids.

    You could also make up a simple cron job under her account that checks the time and logs here out at what ever time.

    and logs well you could do a lot of things with the logs ill come up with a simple monitering salution.

    Thanks for asking this question gave me something differant to do

    Ill keep searching and learning untill you have the answers and salutions to your problems.
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    Re: Parental Guides

    Very helpful CT... Thanks! I'll take a look at those links this week.

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