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Thread: GLO Olympics Ideas

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    GLO Olympics Ideas

    Aragorn mentioned that he'd be willing to provide prizes for a competion of some sorts. The thread which went off topic to cover this can be found here.

    I've decided to move this into this section as it's the announcement section.

    My idea was to have a gaming competition. We battle it out in a slew of free open source multiplayer games from as many genres as possible. Whoever ends up with the most points at the end wins. Here's a few games that might work:

    Action: Mtp-Target
    Arcade: LBreakout2 and Crack Attack
    Combat Flight Sim: YSFlight (Alternate free while Beta - Targetware)
    First Person Shooter: Cube (Alternate if core files are free - Transfusion)
    Racing: Slune
    Real Time Strategy: Gate 88
    Turn-Based Strategy: The Battle for Wesnoth

    I was also thinking. In order to cover the cost of the prizes there might be a one dollar entry fee. Please let me know what you think, and if you have better ideas please post them. We will put all ideas up for a vote and whichever idea remains the most popular will probably be the event.
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    Re: GLO Olympics Ideas

    MTP-Target - Nominated by Babbing - Game Rating(scale(1-5)): 4.5 -Simple, yet challenging and entertaining

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    Re: GLO Olympics Ideas

    Don't worry about the entry fee, I am more than happy to cover the cost of the prizes. I want everyone to have a good time. I hope to see a lot of participation!

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    Re: GLO Olympics Ideas

    Awesome Aragorn!

    I tried installing Slune last night, and had to spend all day today in a hair transplant clinic. If anyone else can figure it out, great. I was largly jammed on getting openal4soya to be seen by the game, so good luck.

    Cube/Action Cube/Death illustrated (all similiar) should be a go, I highly recommend it as a FPS
    Game Rating: 4 - small quick and fun

    Crack-Attack is also very good. A couple notes. First, there are issues with windows - linux client compatibility. I know that the linux clients play nice, so that is good. The latest version also includes a nice little gui, very helpful. Second, we should also consider playing tetris attack over zsnes. This has a couple of advantages. First, the network code is much faster, second, joysticks can be used, and third, the opponents blocks can be seen.

    Some food for thought..


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