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Thread: 2003 Terminal Server Client

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    Re: 2003 Terminal Server Client

    I downloaded the floppy image. Actually worked fine except for one small detail (I'm presuming it's a few extra parameters I'm missing)

    I'm trying to get it to connect to a real DNS address instead of an IP. My DHCP server is a Linksys BEFSX41 Router. Hands out the DNS and the other goodies BUT, the floppy comes up with a couple of SIOC errors and refuses to resolve via DNS.

    What are the entries for network.cnf to create a Static IP with the appropriate DNS server and Gateway settings?

    Worst part is it is actually grabbing an IP address from my Subnet (confirmed on bootup screen). I've commented out all the other unneeded stuff

    network.cnf file begin
    #uncomment this if you need VNC
    network.cnf End
    I'll try to get the errors on bootup written down (old fashioned pencil paper method)

    The commented out bit was my attempt to guess at the variables. How far off was I?


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    Re: 2003 Terminal Server Client

    i found the mouse works if it is a serial mouse

    if you dont want it to grab a IP address from a dhcp server then you have to comment that out and uncomment the ip addresses i.e.

    #uncomment this if you need VNC

    it doest have the capability to resolve domain names, this would require a rebuild of the kernel and i gave up on this for too many errors and PAH! i ended up using thinstation
    Its better to regret something you have done than to regret something you havent done :P

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