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Thread: DNS timeout and Questions

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    DNS timeout and Questions

    Greetings linux users,

    Yesterday I configure DNS on my linuxbox, it seems to be successful. But when I set the DNS server in my windows2000 computer and test it with nslookup, it display 2minute timeout and it did resolve the correctly.

    Q1. What does the timeout error means ?

    Q2. How do I set the DNS to able to just resolve to hostname only without adding in the domainname ?

    Q3. I plan to use this linuxbox to server as a email server but using dynamic DNS account, how do I achieve this ? Anyone successful accomplished this ?

    Thanks for you time and your help are appreciated :-*

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    Re: DNS timeout and Questions

    Are you going through a router or anything of that sort, I am guessing you are. I had an issue somewhat like this and I had to play with the router. Try putting the Linux box in the dmz zone for a short period.(Yes I know this is dangerous, and yes I know this is primarily for WAN to LAN, but on my router anyways it fixed this issue). Set it in the DMZ zone to see if this resolves the issue. If not then more than likely a software configuration issue. In the router you can also set up a direct route between the two computers if the DMZ zone works.

    Q2. Don't know, will have to look into this.

    Q3. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, question is why is it dynamic. If it is under a LAN then it should be static. If you are trying to use it remotely, then you won't have any luck. What you need to do is get some program like to give you a static hostname.

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    Re: DNS timeout and Questions

    Hi there Aragorn,

    - I am testing the linuxbox locally using a HUB. I don't have a router.

    - Yes, I want to use it with Dyndns.

    1. Providing DHCP for local network
    2. Samba 3 as the file and PDC for local network
    3. Web server accessible from the internet (
    4. Email (Sendmail) + SquirrelMail (Web-based)

    This is what my boss wants me to provide :-\

    A small office server

    DHCP is working for local computer and Samba 3 is able to authenticate the local computers but I am using smbpasswd as backend db. Hopefully I get is to support the OpenLDAP as I read in the Samba site ( Finger Crossed )

    As for the dynamic ip thing , I really I am able to find some resource regarding it ...

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    Re: DNS timeout and Questions

    So essentially your wanting to run this system as the router?


    1. Ok, then you need to install dhcp and configure both your /etc/dhcpd.conf file and your /etc/defaults/dhcp file

    2. I have no experience with samba 3, so hopefully someone else here can help you.

    3. Easy, set up apache, make sure port 80 is accessible.

    4. Alrighty, set up a mail server. Install sendmail, I have never used
    my system as a mail server, but from what I understand it is pretty simple. If you need help on this more, let me know, I'll play around with it here. Squirrel mail will be easy after you get the local mail server set up. It is just an online app that has a configuration file that you set up, then your done.

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    Re: DNS timeout and Questions

    Hi there Aragorn,

    Yesterday night I found out my DNS was faulty ... now its ok.

    Today, I configure the Sendmail and was able to send and receive email from my windows2000 using outlook express ( the mail server was set to my linuxbox )

    Afterward I got the ddclient installed and rp-ppoe running ...

    The whole picture is like this ...

    DHCP is providing ip ( working )
    Samba 3 PDC ( working )
    DNS ( working )
    Sendmail ( working ) + pop3
    ddclient ( working )
    rp-ppoe ( working )
    Apache ( working )

    * ONLY one network card ( eth0 )

    - Add in another network and set that to connect to internet
    - share internet connect with local pc ( ip masquerade )
    - firewall to secure the linuxbox

    Question are the planned stuff and
    - relaying traffic from eth1 to eth0
    - remove any banner to prevent banner grabbing
    - how to set the MX setting in the account so that ppl can sent email to me ... eg ( )

    So much to asked in just a posting, thanks everyone helping

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