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Thread: Designating input device for two joysticks?

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    Designating input device for two joysticks?

    I have a sidewinder 3D pro connected to my gameport all the time and a Belkin gamepad connected to a usb port. The gamepad is sometime not connected so the problem I have is that if I reboot while it is connected then it will be assigned to /dev/js0 and the joystick will be assigned to /dev/js1. If the gamepad is not connected when I boot up then of course the joystick becomes /dev/js0 and the gamepad /dev/js1 when I plug it in again.

    So I want to know how to tell linux to assign the 3D pro to /dev/js0 and the belkin gamepad to /dev/js1 so they will never change from that? Is it something to do with aliases like you do with your ethernet devices? I don't know which config file has that though.

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    Re: Designating input device for two joysticks?

    I found this while searching on google. I haven't tested this as I don't have a need, but you can be our beta tester

    It seems you can achieve this by modifying your XF86Config or file in such a way:

    Section "InputDevice"
    Identifier "Joystick"
    Driver "joystick"
    Option "Device" "/dev/js0"

    From my take on this, you could insert this into your XF86Config or file and where it say's Driver "joystick" change this to "sidewinder" and perhaps that would put the sidewinder on /dev/js0 maybe.

    I'm not really liking the way that works, but I was also thinking that during the module loading that perhaps you can assign the device. Maybe something like modprobe sidewinder /dev/js0 or something along those lines. You can also have it read from /etc/modules.conf.

    I have a joystick myself so I'll practice with somethings and see what I come up with, but I can't promise anything because it's not working in Linux atm. I can't even get my kernel to see my joystick.
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    Re: Designating input device for two joysticks?

    Thanks SkyNet. I think the first suggestion you gave allows me to use the joystick as a pointing device in X (which sounds like a fun thing to try)

    The second one sounds more like it I was thinking that it is probably done similar to how we do ethernet cards (ie. alias eth0 tulip). Maybe "alias /dev/js0 sidewinder" or even "alias js0 sidewinder"? But I can't for the life of me figure out which module controls the gamepad, all I do is plug it in and it just works.

    I will try the modprobe idea you gave me and a few other things I have been thinking about and post back.

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