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Thread: Fedora up2date

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    Fedora up2date

    I need to know whether or not unchecking the box by update core in Fedora Core 2 up2date and leaving everything else cheked will allow me to update without changing the core.

    I am a long way from figuring out how to configure everything for a new core, and I ask the question because the core update doesn't show up in ignored packages even when it has been unchecked.

    Thanks, zoey

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    Re: Fedora up2date

    Short answer: I don't know.

    Long answer:

    I suspect that the core packages HAVE to be upgraded before you can upgrade the extra stuff. Why? Because Fedora is based on RPM's which are often binary packages (Yes, I know there are source RPM's but most install RPM's are binary.) The extras RPM's probably rely on a certain kernel version, gcc libraries, etc... which you get with the core packages.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Fedora up2date

    Thanks gaxprels, I think that I meant kernel when I wrote core, but either way I am pretty much in the dark.

    I am having fun though!

    Thanks again, zoey :-\

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