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Thread: All-In-One Box

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    All-In-One Box

    I recently seen one of those all-in-one box at the local goodwill store and wondered if it is worth buying? About $20!

    I think it may be something like a G3 or so, but not an Imac. What mhz would this be?

    And it didn't have the mouse with it either. Can any mouse work with it or does it have to be from Mac?

    Pros & Cons are welcome.


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    Re:All-In-One Box

    Most likely an Educational All-In-One. I assume we are not talking an eMac but an old beige thing?

    IIRC that's like 233MHz. It needs a mac mouse because those things don't have USB. 2 Floppy drives, and a cdrom drive. Maybe 64MB of ram.

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    Re:All-In-One Box

    So what OS would be installed on it? Is it worth buying?


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    Re:All-In-One Box

    Mac OS 8 I'd guess.

    Doubt X would run on it.

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    Re:All-In-One Box

    Thnx for the replies but the box is gone...I missed out. I just thought it would be interesting to have/use.

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    Re:All-In-One Box

    you could always get a usb pci card...anyway, the specs if anyone is insterested is at


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