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Thread: Please help me

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    Please help me

    I have a dual boot Win and Lin system, and everything has been working just fine, untile this moring, I tried to get into linux (Mandrake 10) and my password is rejected :'(, I can get into a kernel as root, but if I try to use useradd, usermod, or passwd, I am told that the data is read only, or locked, can someone please help me get back in?

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    Re: Please help me

    When you say you can get into a kernel as root do you mean:
    1) you are using a boot disk of some sort to mount the disk where the install is locate
    2) you are using runlevel 1 to get root without a password at reboot or
    3) you are able to log in as root with your standard root password but can't log in as a normal user any more?

    We can help you better if you explain how you are getting root.

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    Re: Please help me

    I am entering linux init=/bin/sh rw at LILO, and it goes to root without requesting a password.

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    Re: Please help me

    Oh and when I try to use startx, it says, that it cannot create some file(s) because it is a readonly file system. ???

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    Re: Please help me

    I think if you hit F1 before the kernel loads that it will give you a prompt and you can type linux single which should put you into single user mode with a root prompt. From there I believe you can type passwd to enter a new password. I think this is all for root though. You might try your adduser there though.
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    Re: Please help me

    Thank you soo much, problem solved.


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