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Thread: Thumb drive between 2 platforms

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    Thumb drive between 2 platforms

    hi, i have a thumb drive (Apacer 124 Mb USB ). At first I installed the driver on my computer (Win XP) and it worked fine. I did my work in my friend's Mac (OS X) and it also works fine. But when I bring it back home to my PC, its says

    'The drive in drive D: is not formatted yet. Do you want to format it now ?'

    My files are still inside and I do not want to format it, or else everything will be deleted. May I know what is the problem when I used it between both different platforms ?

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    Re: Thumb drive between 2 platforms

    The only thing I can think of is that you maybe didn't unmount the thumbdrive from the OSX computer before removing it. In other words, it might have corrupted it because it didn't read write cleanly before you removed it.

    I don't use OSX, so I don't know how it handles mounts and unmounts of USB devices. This is purely a guess.

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    Re: Thumb drive between 2 platforms

    Does OSX use HFS? Wouldn't that be an issue if OSX formatted the drive to HFS, then you tried to use it on a Win system? I don't know much about Macs, so this could be complete babbling...
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