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Thread: Fedora Core 2 is here

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    Fedora Core 2 is here


    FC2 is here, lets see what everyone thinks.

    You can also grab it on bittorrent,

    That is my chosen path, but it is going kind of slow right now.

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    Re: Fedora Core 2 is here

    so far i like fedora core 2, my first linix since switching from windows on the 20th. the only major trouble I've had was with the sound card in KDE, but GNOME does things all right.

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    Re: Fedora Core 2 is here

    I need to install it myself, just for kicks :P

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    Re: Fedora Core 2 is here

    Alright, I have heard enough, it's official: Better things have come from my nose than FC2.

    To start, there is an apparent issue with dual booted computers where FC2 nukes the user's ability to start windows. Luckily fdisk can help you recover that, see below.

    Next, Gnome 2.6 bites, audio support somehow got terrible and firewire support was removed; see here (I noticed many of the things this author talks about myself).

    It looks like too much cutting edge stuff was jammed in too late. Personally, I prefer late and "working well" rather than on time and "good luck".


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