This is a fairly new feature added to mozilla. It is intended to reduce the amount of mousing around you do to a fairly small amount. For example, if i want to go 'back', instead of traveling to the top of the browser and clicking the back arrow, and can simply left click where ever I am, and then drag left, and the browser will go to the last page visited.

The installation is very simple, but I found one issue. I opened mozilla/firefox as root, then followed the link below.

I installed the latest version, but I found that when I exited the browser, I could not start it again. This issue arises through some permission issues. So, once you have mouse gestures installed, open up a console, gain root access with 'su', and type 'find / -name mozgest'

For me, I see this:

# find / -name mozgest

If you have both mozilla and mozilla firefox installed, you will see what I see above. You are looking for the directories in bold above. Next 'cd' into your mozgest dir and execute 'chmod -R 755 *' (leave the single quotes out). If you use both mozilla and firefox, you must do this to each of their respective directories.

After that, you are home free! Have fun.

A quick list of commands for mouse gestures:

Directional guide:

7 U 9
1 D 3


To use a gesture, just hold the left mouse button down, then move according to the diagram above and the gesture below.

(These gestures assume that your mouse starts in the center of the diagram above)

L - Back
R - Forward
L,U - Stop
U,D,U - Refresh
U - New Tab(empty)
D,U,D - Duplicate Tab
D - New Window(empty)
D,R - Close Tab
D,L - Minimize
U,R - Next Tab
U,L - Prev. Tab
D,U,R,D - Load Home Page (make an 'h' with your pointer)
7 - Zoom In
3 - Zoom Out

These are the basics, there are a lot more. If I have missed anything please post below.