found this cool link, and it worked well for me, if there is anyone out there that wants to do the same, check it out.

Just in case the page changes, i will c/p it below:

Have you wondered how people get those cool looking terminals that look transparent and have no borders? Here is what I do running KDE,icewm and aterm.

To get rid of the borders on aterm(or any application) I envoke aterm by doing this:'kstart -type Override aterm'. Now you're probably thinking "Crap I can't move my window!", that's easy enough. To move your window(without borders) just press Alt+Left_click and move your terminal around as you please. To resize your terminal just press Alt+Right_click and resize. For all the other cool looking stuff I use .Xdefaults(in the home dir). You can find a copy of mine here.


Once again, if the site disappears, just find me on IRC and i will send the .Xdefaults file