I run a very small bookshop for our church. We turn over about $150 per week and have approximately 1 to 3 sales per day. Every couple of months we get a large shipment of books in and smaller shipments in between.

We've got a lap top set up with a bar code scanner and I'm looking for some easy to use, light POS software that would just help us with stock control, print receipts if necessary and keep a basic record of transactions.

I've done a search but most software seems to be set up for restaurants or similar which have a limited number of items for sale, or else set up for multiple cash registers/ operators with big turnover.

I was thinking of using MySQL on a server, and possibly hook up with a GUI front end of some sort. To do that and make it work might take a bit of effort.

I'm sure that someone somewhere must have produced the necessary software for a small business.

Any suggestions?