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Thread: Up2Date Updates

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    Up2Date Updates

    I am using redhat9. I have downloaded the updates for the up2date program but I can't get them to work. I right clicked and went to install packages for both of them and they didn't fix the problem with the up2date program. The install instructions on redhats website just make a lot of errors. Could someone give a step by step on installing and using the up2dat program. I already have a username and password setup from redhat website.

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    Re:Up2Date Updates

    The exact error message is

    error: Failed dependencies:
    up2date = 3.1.23 is needed by (installed) up2date-gnome-3.1.23-1

    I get this when I try to install the main update package using the exact command they say on their website. Does anyone know what I should do?

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    Re:Up2Date Updates

    please post the output of:

    rpm -qa | grep up2date

    If the version numbers on that do not match the error messege you must install the latest version of up2date. you can find it here at the very bottom of the page

    Get all of the rpms in the redhat 9 section. if i remember correctly, the first two are just up2date updates, and the last one is so you can properly log onto RHN. i forget what the third was for, but it can't hurt to install it. the essentials are the up2date rpms though.

    next, on the command line, 'cd' to the directory where you saved the rpms, and then 'su'. once you have root access, issue the command 'rpm -Fvh up2date-*'

    that will take care of everything.



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    Re:Up2Date Updates

    I found a link to yum as a system updater and have been using that instead. Is yum okay to use or should I use the up2date program? If not, I will just do what you said.

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    Re:Up2Date Updates

    yum will work fine. Just make sure that you do not mix rpm databases. Also, you may want to look into apt. Apt may be the better choice for ease of use, and also for it's large database.

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    Re:Up2Date Updates

    Ok, I will use yum. Is apt a system update program?

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    Re:Up2Date Updates

    There is no advantage to using yum over apt over up2date in redhat.
    They all work the same, and all the update sites can be connected to by any of them.

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    Re:Up2Date Updates

    Okay, then I will just use yum. How often do you think I should check for updates?

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    Re:Up2Date Updates

    Ive stopped checking for updates :P :P
    I do it 1 or 2 times a month and its fine for me.

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    Re:Up2Date Updates

    Ok, thanks for the help babbing and alastair.

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