I'm wondering if anyone else had this same 'problem' getting Firefox 0.8 running.

I've just recently installed Mandrake 10.0 (my first Linux install at home), downloaded the Firefox 0.8 package from http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.o...nux-gnu.tar.gz and uncompressed it as /usr/local/bin/firefox (like I said, its my first Linux install, but this seemed like as good a place as any for it--suggestions?)

When I changed to that directory and ran '. firefox' the command shell window closed right away. I re-opened it, and added the & to the end, and saw that it said "Cannot find mozilla runtime directory. Exiting.' I edited the shell script, turned the de-bug on (by uncommenting the 'set -x' line), and ran it again. I realized that I needed to modify the following two lines as follows:
## was: moz_libdir=/usr/local/lib/mozilla-1.6

## was: MRE_HOME=/usr/local/lib/mre/mre-1.6
Firefox now runs, and I can continue down the road to Linux mastery