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Thread: Wireless Hub questions

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    Wireless Hub questions

    OK, so I was talking to my dad the other day, when he mentioned that he was considering on purchasing a wireless hub. The problem with that is he is only on a dialup and is not sure that the would work with that. As far as I can tell, I cannot foresee any probs, as long as he uses the box for a network AP and not for interfacing directly to the internet. If anyone has any suggestions or product recommendations, then pls feel free to post.


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    Re:Wireless Hub questions

    I'm pretty sure SMC7004AWBR supports dial-up.

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    Re:Wireless Hub questions

    I'm assuming that you have one computer connected directly to the modem but, you could add a second nic then configure your linux box for NAT. connect your hub to the second card and it would act exactly like a regular wired hub.

    That's still kind of complicated and the NAT server would always have to be on. I would look for a dedicated piece of hardware that has a modem as countach44 suggested.

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