Win4Lin Home Edition

Win4Lin Home is a promotional offering that offers the ability to run your favorite Windows applications in a lightweight environment for the user of just a few Windows applications on Linux. The Win4lin Home Edition is for the home user or limited needs user. For high performance implementations you should investigate the Win4Lin 5 or other product offerings at


I bought this product last night and it is GREAT now i hate windows but i am a macromedia junky and am allways looking for a better way to run Flash Dreamweaver Mx ect ect and being that linux doesn't have these appts or even comparable alternatives i thought id take a chance and try win4lin Home edition i installed windows Me with it and i am very very happy it work great everything works at what would have been native speeds if i was just dual booting which i never ever do so the 29.99 was well worth it.
I incourge anyone that is still dual booting to give this a try you will not be disapointed now i have yet to try diablo 2 but ill get to that soon enought.