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Thread: Red Orchestra, best Linux game EVER!!!

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    Red Orchestra, best Linux game EVER!!!

    Hey, just wanted to pass the word about the new UT2003 mod, "Red Orchestra"!! (soon to be converted to UT2004 to support vehicles!!!)

    This is the best game I have played in a long time, and it is sooooo addictive! Whats cool though is I get about 55-80 FPS at 1280x1024 resolution, while I am in Linux...but when I boot into Windoz I can about 20 FPS less! LOL!!!

    Heres the homepage, and download links!!!

    Note: the install is pretty straight forward, but I suggest the tar's files, not the .bin's. Also starting the game can be a bit tricky...but there should be plenty of help in the forums if you should need it!

    Also I don't know if anyone knows this (I just found out)... All UT2003 mods are 100% compatable with Linux, even when they are developed on Windoz machines! The ONLY thing is the Windoz users have to remember to use correct syntax when writing code (caps-lower case), because Linux is case sensative while windoz isn't.

    Since UT 2003 mods are supported under are some links to currrent mods (mostly in beta form) that provide Linux binary downloads!!

    Star Wars:

    Jungle Warfare:


    Plus if you just want to search all the available mods for UT2003 go here!

    (just select the game UT2003 from the drop down list when your refining your search).

    Good luck! And I'll see you online!!


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    Re:Red Orchestra, best Linux game EVER!!!

    awesome, when i get my new graphics card, hopefully this summer, i will definitly try that 8)

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