Well Fedora Core 1 isn't bad. It's not great, but it's not bad. What might help me warm up to it is a 2.6 kernel. I'd like to do this via RPM if possible, and furthermore, via red-carpet if possible.

Two questions:

1) I've seen 2.6 RPMs at download.fedora.redhat.com...is there some sort of environmental flag you set so that up2date sees them instead of the 2.4.x series? Most package managers default to stable, and I'd like unstable-but-new if possible.

2) Is it possible to get Red Carpet to recognize Yum repositories? Up2date recognizes the kernel as being upgradable (albeit to a later 2.4.x series), but Red Carpet doesn't. Looking at the possible channels I can subscribe to, I can get the freshrpms apt repo, among others. I believe that's because I have rug set to recognize the service running at opencarpet.org. Is there a way to get Red Carpet to install official packages from the Fedora Unstable pool (if there is such a thing)?